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Teacher/Staff Email

To email a teacher/staff member, click the envelope icon next to his or her name.


Contact Jessica Faria  Jessica Faria Teacher

First Grade:

Second Grade:

Contact Cindy Hodge  Cindy Hodge Teacher
Contact Nichole Kirschner  Nichole Kirschner Teacher
Contact Myeshiea Lee  Myeshiea Lee Teacher
Contact Nichole Shatswell  Nichole Shatswell Teacher

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Contact AnnMarie Bernal  AnnMarie Bernal Teacher
Contact Jessica Garcia  Jessica Garcia Teacher
Contact Kelsey Larrabee  Kelsey Larrabee Teacher

Fifth Grade:

Sixth Grade:


Contact Sharon Fitzmaurice  Sharon Fitzmaurice Teacher

Resource Specialists:

Contact Crystal Beget-Womack  Crystal Beget-Womack Teacher
Contact Rosie Campbell  Rosie Campbell Teacher
Contact Sarah Shackelford  Sarah Shackelford Teacher

Speech/Language Program:

Contact Haley Broedlow  Haley Broedlow Teacher

Bilingual Aide:

Contact Gloria Coleman  Gloria Coleman Staff

Computer Lab:

Contact Monica French  Monica French Staff


Contact Christine Ravalin  Christine Ravalin Staff


Contact Julie Jones  Julie Jones Teacher


Contact Kathy Larson  Kathy Larson Teacher


Contact Brenda Combs  Brenda Combs Teacher

After School Programs:

Contact Osvaldo Macedo  Osvaldo Macedo Staff